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Angel’s Monastery

In the 12th century this area was part of a monastery. A sweer and delicate taste hibiscus, Beefeater gin, orange liqueur and fresh lemon juice is our idea of an angelic monastery. Try it and calmly contemplate the beautiful history of this magical place. Contains egg white.

235 CZK

Leave a Message

A look back at the times when the premises of our bar used to be a library. The drink, inspired by the writer Ernest Hemingway, contains his greatest liquid loves, aged Havana rum 7 years old, a drop of absinthe, lime and grapefruit juice. All this together creates a stronger and more acidic character of the drinks. So feel free to leave your message...

235 CZK

Black Angel’s Medicine

Competition drink of our colleague Tomáš Mucha. A twist on the James Bond Martini Cocktail features Belveder vodka, Lillet blanc, peach bitters and Czech herbal liqueur Becherovka.

215 CZK

Building Treasure

A cocktail with Mumm champagne combined with basil, lime oleo saccharum and fresh lime juice stands in French gin enriched with saffron, the most expensive spice in the world, and is your opportunity to discover the treasure of the Black Angel's bar.

395 CZK

Drink No. 10

A dessert cocktail with the distinct taste of Martell VS cognac infused with dried apricots. The fullness of the taste is supported by egg yolk and sugar syrup. We serve the traditional flip both cold and warm, the choice is yours alone.

225 CZK

USS Richmond Punch

An intense punch combines several types of alcohol - Martell VS, dark rum, port. The unique taste of Chinese earthy tea together with the tea service will show you how this sweet and sour drink was drunk already in the 19th century.

225 CZK

Knickerbocker Á la Monsieur

A sweeter, very popular variant of this great-grandfather of the well-known Mai Tai. Havana 3-year-old light rum, homemade raspberry syrup, orange liqueur, lemon juice and sugar will appeal to a wide range of our guests thanks to the perfect balance of taste.

235 CZK

Botanical Collins

A refreshing, herbal collins based on premium Beefeater 24 gin. Our homemade herbal soda combines many flavors, such as sage, star anise, licorice, tea, citrus peels and others.

225 CZK

Moravian Sour

Stanley, a special Black Angel's edition of Rudolf Jelínek plum, is the basis of this distinctive, sweet and sour combination. All this is complemented by lemon, passion fruit and Aperol. Taste how pleasant Moravia can taste! Contains protein.

215 CZK

Alois Becher-cobbler

The comeback of the fruity and less alcoholic drink category. A bittersweet combination of fresh fruit, sweet vermouth and a drop of Becherovka. Pleasant refreshment, especially during warmer days, but also a perfect aperitif to start the evening.

215 CZK

Bohemian Manhattan

Our bohemian version of one of the most famous cocktails based only on Czech products. The distinct taste of the combination of Czech single malt whiskey with herbs will impress you not only with the taste, but definitely with the service as well.

285 CZK


The winning drink Cocktail Parade ex Plzeň 67' presents a delicately sweet combination created by the Czech barman Rudolf Slavík, it is known all over the world, so go up into the clouds with us.

215 CZK

Jeremy’s Swizzle Stick

Like the porn legend Ron Jeremy, this eponymous cocktail is slightly sweeter, refreshing thanks to the taste of elderberry and honey. At the same time, it is slightly spicy at the end thanks to our ginger syrup and a remarkable decoration, in short, something that not only the fairer sex should not miss.

235 CZK

From Dust till Foam

Drink based on Beefeater gin is intended for any time of day, for everyone, regardless of age or gender. The sweet taste of the elderberry foam is replaced by bitter-sour refreshment in the form of citrus and Aperol. Contains protein.

235 CZK


Our basil julep with strawberries will surely impress you not only with its fresh taste, but also with its decoration. Fresh herbs and fruit are complemented by the unique taste of mezcal, chocolate and agave syrup. A sweeter, fruity, yet beautifully expressive delight with a crunchy finish.

215 CZK

Yellow Boxer

Central America as it should be! Spicy vanilla liqueur with chili and exotic mango juice create a sweet taste corresponding to the pleasant local climate. The best spirits from this region must not be missing, namely Olmeca Altos reposado tequila and distinctive dark rum.

235 CZK

Paku Paku

The right thing for lovers of rum fruit cocktails. The combination of citrus, cinnamon and bitters gets the right kick thanks to several types of rum, one of them with a higher percentage of alcohol.

235 CZK

Yo Mama

A sweet touch like a mother's. Our original cherry syrup along with chocolate and pineapple lead the flavors of this fruity drink. Havana 3 anise and two other types of rum with lime juice will then give the drink strength and taste balance.

235 CZK

Nui Nui

A unique taste experience awaits you with this other rum cocktail. Coconut water, cardamom and white yogurt with citrus juice is definitely something that those who are not afraid to experiment should try.

235 CZK

Imset Cooler

A refreshing drink inspired by Egypt. Fresh watermelon juice is ideal not only during summer days. Even more so when it is topped with Olmeca Altos reposado tequila, grenadine and lime juice.

245 CZK

Alois Rum Old Fashioned

A classic rum Old Fashioned the way Alois liked it. Rum Brugal 1888 supplemented with a light touch of caramel, cherry and chocolate.

235 CZK

Champagne cocktail and other

If you are a champagne wine lover, we will be happy to prepare any drink for you with this French gem. It doesn't matter whether you choose a classic like French 75, Kir Royal or leave it to us.

375 CZK

Vieux Carré Aged

Martell Cordon Bleu, Jim Beam Rye, Antica Formula, Dom Bénédictine and two types of bitters are for those who like to really smell the alcohol in the cocktail.

395 CZK

Cordon Bleu Sazerac

Martell Cordon Bleu, Peychaud's bitters, sugar syrup. The classic from New Orleans will impress you not only with its pleasant sweeter taste, but also with its aroma in the form of absinthe smoke.

595 CZK


Jensen with gin, Antica Formula and Campari aged in the Oak bottle system, which only deepens the bittersweet flavors that this bar evergreen is famous for.

395 CZK

Rob Still Walking

Our twist on the stronger herbal Rob Roy classic. Johnnie Walker Blue Label whiskey really dominates here. Mancino Amaranto, Vermouth del Profesore and Dry Orange with a drop of orange bitters more than ably complement it.

1490 CZK
Black Angel's Bar Prague

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